How well is offshore wind energy protected?

21. February 2024

With the expansion of offshore wind energy, this technology is playing an increasingly important role in security of supply.

That is why we are committed to protecting our wind farms and grid connection systems from physical and digital attacks.


Position paper and recommendations for action

The changed geopolitical situation since Russia's attack on Ukraine is also changing the perspective on the energy infrastructure in the North and Baltic Seas.

“Offshore wind energy is playing an increasingly important role in energy supply – we should protect it accordingly,” says BWO managing director Stefan Thimm

Position paper (PDF)

1. the state should take responsibility.
– In an emergency, state security forces are required
– The industry provides support, for example by reporting sightings of unknown ships during maintenance work

2. Comprehensive situational awareness of the maritime area – including under water
– The Maritime Security Center (MSZ) should be strengthened
– Federal police, navy, water police and the accident command should coordinate more closely

3. Act quickly in an emergency
– Time-critical situations should be prepared and practiced
– Avoid wasting time

4. Strengthening the federal police
– The federal police need equipment
– You should train for emergencies together with operators and authorities


Together with the British Ministry of Trade, we invite you to the event “Energy Security: How do we secure offshore infrastructure?” on February 22, 2024 at the British Embassy Berlin.

Further information can be found here (link)