Statement on the federal port strategy: A step in the right direction

4 December 2023

Offshore wind energy is not only the backbone of the energy transition, but can also become its economic engine. However, expansion targets alone are not enough to leverage the enormous potential of offshore wind energy. The federal port strategy is now being coordinated between the ministries. It focuses on ports as the key to economic and energy policy success.

“If the German ports are expanded, the expansion of offshore wind energy can also bring a strong boost to value creation and employment here. Our neighboring countries recognized this opportunity earlier and aligned their ports in Eemshaven in the Netherlands and Esbjerg in Denmark to the needs of offshore wind energy,” says BWO Managing Director Stephen Thimm.

In Germany, production capacities and ports have not yet been designed to meet the federal government's energy policy goals. “The draft of the federal port strategy that has now been presented goes in the right direction,” said Thimm. However, financial aspects are left out. The port infrastructure in Germany needs investments in the multi-digit million range. The offshore wind energy industry would like to support this financing as part of the bidding component - without putting a strain on the federal budget.

“We now have the chance to use the income from future offshore wind auctions to expand German ports to meet needs. “That’s why the auction proceeds in 2024 should also flow into the expansion of our ports,” adds Thimm added.


The Federal Ministry of Economics launched a consultation on the federal port strategy last week and is currently in the process of interdepartmental coordination with the lead Federal Ministry of Transport.

You can read the BWO's statement here: 231204_BWO statement on the National Port Strategy final