Online talk

German offshore tenders in an international comparison: what conclusions can be drawn?
March 30, 2023

After a long period of thirst, tenders for offshore wind turbines are starting up again in Germany this year. In an international comparison, large amounts of offshore capacity will then be put out to tender in this country. The entire offshore industry is therefore looking spellbound at this year's tenders for centrally pre-examined and non-centrally pre-examined areas. Both tenders contain exciting new elements, of which the size of the bid component that guarantees a contract is certainly the biggest, but not the only question mark for investors.

It is therefore obvious to draw conclusions and conclusions from the international tenders that have taken place or are taking place in parallel. For this perspective we could for the next online talk of the BWO on March 30, 2023 with Mr. DOMINIK HÜBLER gain a central expert from the renowned consulting company NERA Economic Consulting, who will classify the beginning German tenders from an international perspective and against the background of the EU discussions about the future energy market design.

We look forward to an interesting exchange.